Sunday, December 26, 2010


I'm very tired having been awake for around 40 hours working and having Christmas times, but this is important to me so I'm making a blog, and I don't even blog.

The story is, in between shifts at work I was visiting with my wife's lovely family for Christmas dinner. A bunch of folks had went for a walk and when they returned to the residence, a couple of tiny little cattens had followed them home!

I immediately went outside, and what should my wondering eyes did appear but two tiny kit-cats, shivering hearts filled with fear. I spoke to them gently and scooped them right up, they were cold and shaking and purring and skinny.

So I talked to them, and they were friendly and said hello. I petted them and they were kind and gentle and climbing over me on my shoulders and looking through the porch door window doors stating, "I CAN HAZ HOME?"

I petted them more and they were nice and they said "I CAN HAZ FUDS?" so I told them, "Be right back in a second!" And I went inside, and got a meatball in a napkin and brought it outside! I pulled it into little pieces and they ran around like ravenous little critters goblin up tiny pieces of food and looking for so much. So I went back inside and got a big sausage and came back out and they were waiting for me this time and I fed them lots of little pieces of that.

Next, I went inside and told my wife all about them and how we needed to take them home but she was very skeptical. So I went back outside to think and call SOCKS organization and leave a message with them about I found these kattens and the babies were very pleased to have had a hot meal so they were snuggling and purring and rubbing against and grooming, then they both sat on my lap and snuggled each other.
So I after talking to my family again briefly and making my intentions known, I put these little guys in a laundry basket and in my car. They didn't make a peep for almost the whole ride home. I put them in my basement with the spare litter-box and some litter, some clean fresh water and a couple bowels of kitten chow. They were very excited about the crunchy cereals and ate for like half an hour... seemed like they were very hungry. I got a better chance to look at them, and their fur is clean and they don't seem to have any fleas or mites or parasites.

They are probably five or six months old. They are quite sociable and will happily be held or petted and like socializing with people and other cats. Here's my current plan: going to be contacting the SPCA and SOCKS organizations to see if I can get some support in terms of getting them to see a vet, get checked to make sure they are healthy and not sick, getting them shots and spayed/neutered. The lil black and white girl I call Sniffy, and the elegant and majestic black furry guy, well, I call him Fluffenstein. Should you choose to either of these sweet little siblings into your heart and home, you can call them that or whatever you please.

Feel free to message me on facebook or comment on this blog or email me if you are interested in these kittens. When I was outside with them in the bitter cold on Christmas day, and they were so friendly and helpless and loving and innocent, I knew that I would be a heartless person to just say it wasn't my problem and let them be alone outside. I thought of my three cats, and these little guys deserve a home where they will be loved and snuggled and fed, and warm and healthy.
O hai
will u luv me?

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