Sunday, December 26, 2010

r u mai hooman?

So, one more little update note about these two scamps. They are warm and happy and comfortable right now, in my basement - but as I mentioned before I'm seeking to get them fit as fiddles and a clean bill of health, and find them a nice home. With three cats of my own and a human kitten on the way, I don't have room for two more no matter how sweet they are :(

And I realize that many of you reading this are also not in a position to take them in. However, if you also strongly feel that these gentle, sweet, and intelligent critters should have a loving home instead of wandering outside in the winter to a short and hard life... I would say you may consider looking at the DONATE button on top. If you be clicken that button, you can donate whatever amount you want, $1, $4, $15, $20, $100, $5,000 (hopefully five thousand) or any other amount. 100% of the proceeds from any donations will go to feed and care for these cats and get them ready for a new home. I'll also post on this blog to let everyone know what I'm doing to take care of them, put more pictures, and let everyone know when they finally find a home.

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